Instance Slider

Instance Slider lets you add new instances and define the interpolation values (setting your own weight and width values) using sliders and a live preview. By Toshi Omagari View Extension

6 years

Analyse Manuscript

Analyse Manuscript is a small script for Glyphs which analyse any text you wish and give you a list that contains the glyphs are used in that text. It can useful to know in a quick…

7 years


Bubble Kern is based on the shape of surrounding outlines you draw, which is considered a bubble. BubbleKern automatically kerns the typeface using this bubbles. This is a learning tool to help you understand kerning…

7 years

Show Black Fill

Show Black Fill, fills closed paths (obviously!) even while you are drawing. It hides almost completely guidelines and anchors so you can be really focus on design and in blacks and whites. By Toshi Omagari View Extension

7 years