Insert Instances

Insert Instances helps you to create a quick way a X number of instances and select the type of distribution and formula you want to use: Pablo Impallari, Lucas de Groot or a Lineal formula….

1 year

Show Interpolations

Show Interpolations calcules all active instances and draws them behind your paths using a transparent lavender color. It also allows you to align these instances to a selected node. By Mekkablue View Extension

1 year

Show Tops and Bottoms

This plugin displays each top and bottom value for each Glyph in the edit view and marks them red when they are not inside the alignment zone. By Mekkablue View Extension

1 year

Note Palettes

Note Palettes enables two small windows which show Font Notes and also Glyphs Notes. Now you won’t forget your deep thoughts about each glyph. By Mekkablue View Extension

1 year

Show Italic

Show Italic display the italic counterpart of the current glyph while you are editing. Both Upright and Italic have to be opened in Glyphs. By Mekkablue View Extension

1 year

Broad Nibber

Broad Nibber turns lines into broad-nib strokes. It allows you to set custom parameters for the width, height and also the angle. By MekkaBlue. View Extension

2 years