Show Sibilings

This plugin superimposes groups of predefined glyphs in the background so you can easily check the progress and consistency of the system you are building. By Mark Fromberg View Extension

4 years

Arrange Windows

This plugin arranges (captain obvious) different opened windows into the same screen or in different ones if you are using an external screen. By Mark Frömberg   View Extension

6 years

Synced Tabs

Synced Tabs keeps in sync all tabs from open fonts which allows you to work on different styles at the same time. By Mark Frömberg   View Extension

6 years

Reporter Toggler

This plugin is a palette located on the sidebar which gives you quick access to your reporter plugins previously installed By Mark Frömberg View Extension

6 years


Kernkraft helps you when you’re working on kerning providing you pairs for your font. Supports Latin, Cyrillic and Greek for the moment and allows you to skip categories, exclude symbols, skip kerning groups… It has…

7 years

Show Stems

Show Stems shows a measure line with distances between outlines. When distances match the value saved metrics in the Glyphs Palette, it will highlight in green and tell you which one it matches. Its position…

7 years

Show Rotated

This plugin superimposes the current shown glyph as a rotated copy of it self depending on the value you set in the transformation rotation field. It can be pretty helpful when you are working on symmetric characters,…

7 years